Eat, Porridge, Love: a foodie guide to oatmeal-only cafes around the world

I’ll admit it: this post is a little niche. Cafes that serve nothing but oats sound almost like an impossible business idea, and this is definitely what I thought the first time I heard about Grød, Copenhagen’s porridge bar. At the time, I wasn’t even sure I liked porridge – how could a cafe that serves nothing else survive in a city so full of exciting brunch options?

However, upon my first visit I was completely sold: not only was an oatmeal-only café an unusual idea, it was a great one, and a spot I would end up returning to time and time again during my time living in the Danish capital. It’s one of my favourite cafes in the world.

Since leaving Copenhagen, I’ve found myself pining for a bowl of porridge from Grød, and have missed being able to swing by whenever I fancied. When I visited New York earlier this year and started to research some foodie options for my trip, I found out about another oatmeal-only café with a similar concept, and I was excited to see how the New York café measured up.  Having assumed Grød was the only oatmeal-only cafe in the world, I expanded my research, and I found out about a third oatmeal-only café, this time in my new home of London. What else could I do than head on a pilgrimage to these two cafes, and check out which served up the best gourmet porridge?

So without further ado, here are my thoughts on three oatmeal-only cafes around the world.

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An A-Z of London Coffee Shops Part 1

When it comes to coffee, London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Since the first espresso-only coffee shops started to appear in the city around a decade ago, coffee shop culture has gone from strength to strength in the British capital, causing waves of new cafes to open all over the city. If anything, one could argue that there is too much choice: here I break down some of my favourites with an A-Z of London coffee shops. Mine’ll be a flat white, please!

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The weekend files: April edition

With the arrival of spring, sunnier skies and rising temperatures, the first weekend in April was the perfect excuse to make the most of the welcome weather change and explore more of London. Having moved to the city earlier this year, I was excited for the opportunity to relax with loved ones and make it to a couple more spots on my London bucket list: here’s what I got up to!

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A foodie guide to London’s sweetest treats (& where to find them!)

Ahh, London, a city so jam-packed full of awesome foodie treats that it can be overwhelming. Yep, whether you’re after pizza or prosecco, cheese or chocolate, whittling down your choices can be quite the challenge, never mind fitting them into a limited itinerary if you’re visiting for a short time. Well, never fear, here at a foodie guide we’ve put together a guide to some of the best sweet treats the city has to offer, organised by sightseeing spot so you can combine your quest for a sugar high with a little bit of exploring. Let’s go!

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